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Are massage treatments better with heavy or light pressure?
Certain massage approaches are more effective than others depending on the specific conditions being treated. Very often a client will request heavy and deep pressure when usually the problem presented is more superficial. It is the top or outer layers of muscle that are adhesed and require treatment. Once they've been addressed, the underlying layer is easier to reach. 

Why must I fill out a health history form before my massage treatment?
Health history forms are a requirement set by the Regulated Health Practitioner's Act (RHPA). The form provides the therapist with valuable health information which is necessary to develop a highly effective and individualized treatment plan for each client. All the information on this form is confidential. 

Is massage therapy covered under OHIP? 

Massage therapy is governed under the RHPA but unfortunately OHIP doesn't pay for massage treatments. Most extended health care plans will cover treatments but check your plan to see what type of coverage you have. 



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