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Massage Therapy Corporate Program

Music and mood lighting is brought to the workplace enhancing a calm and peaceful environment. You are encouraged to escape from your stress, deadlines, etc. and enter into a quiet and placid state. The boardroom no longer exists, it has changed into an oasis of serenity... 

Massage therapy is an effective method for reducing stress in the workplace in today's computerized office environment. Toward Health, located in Toronto, is a full service onsite massage therapy provider and whose RMT certified therapists offer treatment for a wide range of health conditions. Our onsite Corporate Office Program is designed to benefit employees and management alike. We service Toronto, Mississauga and the Oakville area. 

Stress is one of the most influential factors affecting corporate productivity today. Losses incurred from employee absenteeism, high rates of job turnover and inefficiency often result from job related stress. Many personal illnesses, such as high blood pressure, headaches and depression are direct symptoms of stress. 

Clients of Toward Health are proactive in their health. They actively partake in improving their own health and well being. Many of our clients are businesses within the GTA who value the welfare of their staff and realize the benefits that massage therapy provides. Massage therapy at the workplace helps to reduce job related stress and increase a sense of well being. The work environment becomes a more productive, positive and calmer space. 

Company Sponsored Onsite Massage 

Massage therapy can be underwritten by the client company. Many companies use onsite massage therapy as part of their incentive programs and provide 'massage days' for their employees. Some extended health care plans cover massage treatments as well. 

With our onsite Corporate Office Program, treatments take place at the workplace in specially designed chairs or on portable tables supplied by our company. Chair massage sessions are brief, (to avoid disrupting work schedules) about fifteen minutes in length. The client remains fully clothed and massage is applied to areas of the body most prone to stress and tension, such as the shoulders, neck, upper back, head and arms. The chair massage requires no oil or lotion. Sessions on portable tables tend average 30 minutes, these sessions can be done over the clothing as well. 

Three hours is the minimum time required to book one of our therapists for a chair or table massage session.
For more information or a consultation regarding our onsite Corporate Program, call Katie Breitkreuz at 416. 880.7819 

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